Virtual coaching helps professionals discover themselves, devise a career plan and become more focused and productive.

Your career is a series of choices and yet, most of us found that our career sort of ‘HAPPENED’ to us. Most education doesn’t prepare us to know who we are, what the world of work is like and where we can find our fit. So we settle. But through our unique career coaching method, you can choose a new career path and still make great money, whatever your stage in life. Every one of our career plan coaches is accredited in the unique career equation method. Over the years we have helped hundreds of people to make their next career move, within their existing organisation or beyond.

Our adventure begins with a Free Career Assessment to explore our compatibility, and once we decide to work together, we enter a simple 3 stage process…

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In Part 1: Discover Who You Are… Really

Our unique Career Design Diagnostic gives you a complete personal profile – a user’s guide to you, so we are able to identify what you love and the environment in which you thrive.

The result? A clear mission statement that helps you achieve your career goals. After that, we will begin to shape our outcome, so we can measure what success will look like.

Next, we develop a detailed view of the future and explore what will need to happen for you to reach your vision.

In Part 2: Rework Your Story…

Now it is time to Quest! Together we build a detailed, practical and actionable custom career plan for you to move from A to B.

Our career coaches support you all the way and together we dive into the fears, stories and confidence destroyers that have been making it hard to achieve the career goals you desire in your working life. Using The Fear Reversal Technique, we get underneath these myths, bust them once and for all and well then…

In Part 3: We Lift Off!

Now that we know who you are, what you want and have created the mindset to make career transformation happen, we implement The Career Plan! And after all that, it’s time for us to celebrate your success.

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Want to become a Your Career Plan Coach – ICF accredited?

Are you an accredited and experienced coach? Are you committed to supporting clients through their career transitions? Would you like to add The Career Equation® to your toolkit?

In 2019, we will begin to offer our “Your Career Plan Accreditation” for 121 Coaching. This 3-day training accreditated by ICF equips internal or independent coaches in our “Your Career Plan” method and tools, including the unique career equation model.

Our done-for-you worksheets, diagnostics and models ensure you have a robust, high-quality solution for career transition coaching. Click here to express an interest in the programme. Or download our pdf to learn more.