Your Career Plan Digital is a programme designed to help you structure your reflection on your career story so far...

Your Career Plan Digital is a programme designed to help you get crystal clear about what you want next in your career.

Calling out all HR Leaders, Coaches, Consultants and people who care about their career. Come and join us on these FREE Masterclasses where we will share our insights and tips on looking for opportunities despite the crisis, exploring what careers success looks and feels like for you and how to continue to make progress whilst everything may feel in a state of flux.

Your Career Plan Digital is a programme designed to help you structure your reflection on your career story so far...

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Introducing The Career Equation®

The Career Equation® helps your talent own their career and articulate what they really want from work. Use it to drive powerful career conversations in your business.

Helping your employees follow well-defined, personalised career plans in your organisation improves their performance and drives morale. It also cuts turnover and the cost of losing that talent. Impressive wouldn’t you say?

I really enjoyed working through The Career Equation® and attempting my Career Design Statement that I’m still mulling over! I thought the session went really well with lots of engagement with the tool and discussion. The materials all looked very professional and easy to use, although I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Career Matters!

Dave Sherer, Talent Programme Manager at Nomura, talking about our most recent Breakfast Workshop

Your Career Plan. Your organisation’s not so secret superpower

Last Wednesday I attended my final OU session with Career Matters team on “Practice Makes Perfect”. This was ideal timing for me as I had an interview on Friday for a promotion to the role I am currently doing. I am happy to say that I got the job. So, thank you very much. I think the session I attended on “Your Career Plan” was really important part of helping this. It gave me a lot of focus and helped set out a clear direction of what I wanted to do.

Paul Collier, Data Analyst at the Open University, talking about our signature programme Your Career Plan

Help your talent own their career with Your Career Plan. Once they know what success looks like and have clear career plans and career goals in place, they can make the most of their time in your business. Which is when the magic of the quality career conversations happens.

Easier Career Conversations

Why wait until the resignation email arrives to find out your talent is a flight risk? Our career conversations training cuts through the career development fog for actionable, motivating and empowering career conversations that work for you and your talent.

Fire up your Career Coaching Skills

The Career Conversations workshop was so useful, The Career Equation® is a really valuable tool and there was a great structure around it for the day. It took such a holistic approach to looking at your career past and present and also gave us easy takeaways to implement as coaches.

Vanessa Grey-Locke, Communications Manager at Westward Housing Group, after participating on the Your Career Plan Coaching Accreditation course.

Becoming a Your Career Plan accredited coach equips you in the 121 method we use for every successful career conversation. This ICF-Accredited 3-day programme gives you access to The Career Equation® and our other tools for happier, more successful employees.

Keynotes to Inspire and Empower

Erica was the inaugural speaker at our internal Learning and Development program, Swan School. She presented ‘How to be the Hero of Your Own Story’ to our team in an entertaining, useful and engaging way. Many of the themes presented were relevant to our working lives as well as outside the office, and I walked in the next morning to hear people still talking about the session. A great way to start our L&D program and will be recommending Erica to others!

Lara Toovey-Roussel, Culture & Engagement Manager at Black Swan Data

Not everyone knows that change is coming. Yet the future of work is being disrupted. The job for life is dead. A 21st-century career requires agility, self-knowledge and design thinking. Have you got what it takes? Have your people? It’s time to find out.

Find a career you really, really love

My work with Career Matters has been truly transformational. I am much better able to deal with challenging situations as a leader and manager. I respond more swiftly and in a much more productive manner. …

Nicola Kelly, Head of Product Development and Accreditation at APMG-International

Because most of us just “fell” into our careers, it’s no surprise that too many of us find our jobs a bit… “meh”. Let us help you finally decide what you want to be when you grow up. Create a thriving career that makes you grin from ear to ear.

Work with us, support B1G1

Career Matters gives people the opportunity to succeed. Which is why we’re part of the B1G1 platform. By working with us, you’re contributing towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Goals such as giving business training to women in developing countries to help them succeed too. B1G1 is an incredible tool that helps everyone achieve more.

“Your Life Plan” is crammed with practical career tips to introduce you to your hero within

Erica Sosna’s first book, “Your Life Plan”, was published by Wiley in March 2014. The book combines her unique career coaching method with practical project skills and personal development tools that help the readers find career direction and take charge of their life.