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Introducing The Career Equation™

We designed The Career Equation™ to help companies make the most of their people by reuniting them with their gifts. As the world of work becomes more personalised, our simple career equation makes it easy to articulate what you really want out of your work. Discover how to design a role where you can play to your true strengths, improve your internal mobility and unlock the one crucial element that we’ve found makes all the difference.

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Mobility in the marketplace has never been higher. For many companies, employee engagement and talent retention are key problems and an expensive drain on resources.

We believe that career matters. We help companies improve their employee engagement, talent retention and internal mobility by placing regular quality career conversations at the heart of their people strategy. If you are not talking to your people about their future, the competition or recruiters are.

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We believe in positive social impact. We believe all the un-development goals can be met if we all do our bit. We are proud to be part of the B1G1 family. Buy One Give One means that every time we do business with you, we create a positive giving impact in the world. When we write a proposal for you, we make a giving impact on the B1G1 donation platform. In fact, we give 30 days of light to a woman in Kenya. Electric light extends the day and provides opportunities to read and learn at night. When you pay an invoice, we give 30 days of education to a young person in Indonesia. And when you sign up to our mailing list, we donate to a children’s library. B1G1 is an amazing tool that helps us to get in the habit of giving positive impacts. When you become a client, you become part of a global solution to eliminate poverty and advance humanity.

We’ve made career matters our business for over 15 years.

We’ve been transforming performance through career conversations for over 15 years. Our unique career equation model works on humans everywhere. We provide career consulting, virtual coaching and inspiring talks that deliver a performance uplift across all cultures and industries. We can help you improve your employee engagement and:

  • Re-define your career models and messaging so your people know what to expect and who to talk to about their professional growth
  • Empower individuals to own and take charge of their careers and their internal mobility
  • Build the capability of managers and coaches to have quality career conversations that will improve employee engagement, employee performance and enhance your employer brand.

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“Your Life Plan” is crammed with practical career tips to introduce you to your hero within.

Erica Sosna's first book, "Your Life Plan", was published by Wiley in March 2014. The book combines her unique career coaching method with practical project skills and personal development tools that help the readers find career direction and take charge of their life.