Are you ready to rediscover your career?

Life’s too short to feel trapped. Too many of us just fell into our careers so it’s little surprise that things don’t always work out. Your Career Plan Digital gives you the chance to focus on your career and take stock.

Work with us for 8 short weeks and we’ll help you find a career that’s right for you. A career that means you LOVE your work and that gives you the balance, energy and enthusiasm to thrive.

We’ll do this by helping you:

  • understand your career story and the way it’s developed so far
  • recognise what makes you tick and what you’re good at
  • get clear about what you want from your career
  • equip you to take the next step in your career path
  • help you shine in the post-pandemic jobs market

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Is Your Career Plan Digital the right fit for me?

You might be at a crossroads in your career and not sure which direction to take. Perhaps you’re completely lost, frustrated by a job you hate and don’t know what to do about it. Or maybe you’re exhausted, trying to balance a commute, career, family and some form of social life.

A very valuable and thought-provoking experience that allowed me to reflect on my own career goals and make a real career plan for the future.

Isabel Chadwick

Your Career Plan Digital is an 8-week flexible programme to help you get clear on your career choices and take action. We’ve based it on our much-loved Your Career Plan coaching methodology, but adapted it to fit around your busy, sometimes frantic life.

This course is perfect for you if:

★ You have been furloughed and are not sure whether there will be a role for you to return to

★ Lockdown has given you space to think about what you want from your career and you know you need a change.

★ You are returning to work after extended leave or maternity and are uncertain about going back to your old job.

★ You are a parent or carer and have put your career on hold for the sake of others. You’re ready to return to work but worry you’ll find it hard to get a job because of the gap in your employment history.

★ Your days are so all-consuming that you lack the inspiration to make the change to a new career.

★ You feel trapped by your ‘good’ job and salary and don’t know how to even start thinking about changing careers.

★ You’ve outgrown your current job and want to move to a more senior or better-paid role.

★ There are so many things you could do but you worry about making the wrong choice. So, you’ve made no choice at all.

★ Your life has changed but your job hasn’t. The career you used to love so much isn’t right for you anymore, but you don’t know what to do about it.

★ You’ve burnt out from giving 110%. It’s time for a change of pace, but you dread the thought of a mundane job.

All we ask of you is that you’re committed to making a change.

What do I get with Your Career Plan Digital?

Your Career Plan Digital - Step by step support to redesign your career

Sign up to Your Career Plan Digital and you get more than advice. We’ve built this program on 17 years of career change experience. We’ve helped hundreds of people change direction and find work they love in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Tanzania and France.

Our unique combination helps you find crystal-clear clarity on your career path, and gives you support from other participants and the flexibility to focus at a time that suits you best.

Here’s what you get:

★ 6 x 80-minute live web-based group career coaching classes. Here you’ll get to explore questions that might be on your mind and get the support of your expert coach. You’ll also learn alongside other participants as you go through your career development journey together. It’s a uniquely encouraging environment with a strong positive energy.

★ 7 x short & sharp video classes delivered straight to your inbox for you to watch at a time that works for you. They’re no longer than 7 minutes long and are yours to keep so you can watch them again and again.

★ 1 x 45-minute 121 coaching session with your dedicated coach where you review your career action plan and next steps.

★ A kitbag of ready-to-go materials, tools and cheatsheets to help you with career discovery, career planning and getting your next role.

★ A supportive group environment where you work alongside other career planners who understand your challenges and know what you are going through.

★ Coaches to hold you accountable to your commitments and to help you deliver against your deadline.

You’ll also be coached in using Your Career Equation®, Erica’s unique career coaching method for helping individuals find their perfect career. Define and your real value in the market place.

8 weeks to career clarity

Life is easier if you know what’s coming. That’s why Your Career Plan Digital has a clear timetable. Add the dates to your calendar as soon as you’ve signed up and feel confident that you’re on your way to career clarity in just 8 weeks.

Week 1: Welcome to Your Career Plan Digital! You get to know your coach and the other participants you’ll be sharing this journey with. You’ll receive videos 1 and 2 and work through these using the dedicated materials.

Week 2: You attend your first live group coaching class where you talk through the work you’ve done in week 1 and kick off the thinking for this week. You also receive your next video and worksheets to work through.

Week 3: You receive videos 4 and 5 and set aside an hour or so to work through these at your own pace.

Week 4: Time for your next live group coaching class. There’ll be plenty of discussion and energy as you work through your thinking and bounce ideas around. You’ll receive video 6 to watch and work on at your own place.

Week 5: More discussion with another live group coaching class. By this stage in the course you’ll be treating your coursemates like old friends; it’s a really supportive and energised environment. You’ll also receive video 7 to watch and work through.

Week 6: It’s all about putting yourself out there this week. Your live session focuses on CV writing and LinkedIn. You’ll also have your 121 with your dedicated coach where you work through your blocks and challenges while sense-checking the plans you’ve made so far.

Week 7: Blitz that interview nerves away with this week’s interview coaching session. There’s also a bonus surprise this week from Erica…

Week 8: You’ve made it! You’ll graduate this week ready to put your new plans into action with confidence. You won’t be graduating alone of course – your fellow alumni will form your very own success circle for you to stay in touch with. Your success circle will be a ready-made network there to encourage and support you as you continue your journey.

Want to try before you buy?

It’s a big commitment, we get it. Which is why we have a free taster session for anyone who’s serious about finding out more. Send us your details and we’ll enrol you on our career change taster session where you’ll get:

★ An introductory video that will give you an insight into the way we work.

★ A 30-minute phone call where you can ask questions, get to know us and see if this course is the right one for you.

If we’re not right for you, there’s no pressure.

Erica’s patience, compassion and sharp intellect helped me make sense of my ‘organic’ career path and find a clear direction. Over a period of about six weeks, she was able to tease out what actually really matters to me which gave me the confidence to seek what I wanted.

Susan Emmett

Complete our 8-week course and find a career that’s right for you

#1 Be clear on your own criteria of success and understand why that matters.

#2 Define your unique Career Equation® and understand what value YOU bring to potential employers.

#3 Create your own goals and plans, with a path that’s specific to you. This might include further education, retraining, flexible working or even starting up your own business.

#4 Know how to prepare and present your pitch with absolute confidence. We’ll help you refresh your CV, LinkedIn strategy, cover letters and proposition.

#5 Have a ready-made network of accountability buddies ready to support you on your new journey.

Feel relevant, employable and confident in your abilities.

Most of all, you’ll be self-assured and capable of navigating your future career, life and happiness.

Your Career Plan Digital career coaching is practical, fast and effective. Instead of spending ages on self-discovery, this course is focused on what works. It will help you shift gear and change your life and career in the way that’s right for you.

What if I sign up and decide it’s not for me?

We know the Your Career Plan coaching methodology works and have seen the (incredible) way it transforms participants lives. That’s why we have a guarantee. If within the first 14 days of working through Your Career Plan Digital you decide it’s not for you, we’ll refund your fee.

Erica listened to my situation in detail then, with a couple of simple tweaks to my approach, she completely shifted the way I had been tackling my career issue.

Rebecca Wood

A flexible approach to finding a career you really, really love

★ 100% online learning. You can do it in your jim-jams with a baby on your knee if you want.

★ Accommodating learning sessions designed to fit around existing work and commitments.

★ Enough pace to keep you accountable and on track with finding your dream career.

★ An established track record in practical career advice for women and careers for mums.

What’s the investment?

Good career coaching can be eye-wateringly expensive. Which is why we’ve done our sums and built a remote, group course that gives people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford quality career coaching the opportunity to take control and invest in their careers.

The price of our 8-week career-changing course is £795

VAT is included and there are no sneaky hidden extras. So long as you have a computer, a phone and an internet connection you’re ready to go.

It’s still a fair old price, we know – so you can split it into 2/3 installments to make the cost easier to budget for.

I knew I wanted to make a career change and I knew what I was good at. I didn’t realise it was possible to find a job I was both good at and that would make me happy.

Gilly Orr

One last thought…

Too many of us – especially working mums – are amazing at putting everyone else’s needs ahead of ourselves. If you spend on yourself then it needs to be ‘in the sales’ or ‘for a special occasion’.

Let’s be clear. Investing in your career isn’t a selfish indulgence. It’s security in your future happiness and that of your family. Because how can you be happy and healthy in your life if you feel tired out, miserable or unfulfilled in your working life. We spend 80,000 hours of our lives at work – let’s make those hours count for something!

Are you in?

Your Career Plan Digital

£795 incl. VAT