Career conversations Guide: How to develop talent in the digital age

The Career Conversations guide to helping your people find career opportunity, mobility and clarity.

Based on 20+ years of career engagement strategies with some of the world’s best companies…

★ Building employee motivation, satisfaction and engagement takes effort, experience and expertise.

★ That’s why this free guide shares 20+ years’ experience and expertise – and shows you where to focus your efforts.

★ It’s from Career Matters, who help the world’s best companies put career development at the heart of their people strategy, so that they can become unstoppable forces for good.

What people say about the content:

“Career conversations have become my go-to framework for helping others clarify what they want from their career. They move the discussion away from a focus on roles and onto a motivating discussion about helping an individual with their longer-term career journey.”

Neil Herbert, Chief Finance And People Officer, Salary Finance
Career Conversations Guide

“It is a pleasure to work with Career Matters. They are always professional and dedicated in all their leadership strategies, they are totally focussed on client results and client experience.”

Danny Freedman, Previous Global Management Development Director At Dassault Systèmes

Grab your copy of the Career Conversations Guide and discover

  • 5 reasons your conversations can retain talent and encourage mobility [page 5]. See conversations through your employees’ eyes – and how you can prepare for what’s on the horizon.
  • 7 tips for purposeful and motivating conversations with employees [page 9]. Explore how to set up inspiring two-way sessions.
  • Ideas and strategies for retaining talent [page 10]. Find out the 6 steps you can use to build a positive path for people to develop their career.
  • 4 components of a fulfilling career [page 12]. Discover the Career Equation® – a simple and easy tool used by 1,200 people to define their paths.
  • Before and after: Measuring impact [page 13]. Explore the benefits through workshop data and comments from your peers.
  • Bonus template 1: Building momentum [page 19]. Get your free email template to start the ball rolling among employees in the best possible way.
  • Bonus template 2: Reporting [page 21/22]. Ready-to-go templates you can use to plan your meetings and map your objectives.