Our range of corporate services, workshops, inspiring talks and online products are designed to help you improve employee engagement and so much more…

We understand that career conversations can feel challenging. We also know first hand the difference they can make to your bottom line and your talent retention. ‍So let’s work together on this.

Career Consulting

We support you to redefine your people strategy, clarify your career models and deliver an impactful careers message to your employees.

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Inspiring Talks

Inspiring talks – for your talent, managers and career coaches on how to have quality careers conversations and devise career plans.

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Career Coaching

Virtual coaching for employees and individuals in the form of online masteclasses and digital products.

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Coaching Acreditation

A Fresh Take on Coaching Accreditation! Erica Sosna’s Career Equation® adds sparkling clarity to a world of foggy thinking.

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We spent fifteen years working directly with professionals on their career plans and have trained hundreds of career consultants and committed managers in a simple, practical method to help their talent own their career and make the most of the opportunities you offer.

Let us help you use career conversations to bring out your brilliant.

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