Erica Sosna's inspiring talks combine a playful and compelling story with a message that matters.

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With a background in professional storytelling, theatre improv and twenty years of career coaching and consulting some of the worlds most influential brands, Erica shares in her inspiring talks a unique story based method. 

This method was created to make it easy for professionals of all ages and backgrounds to discover and articulate their career goals and turn their aspirations into action.

"Both parents and students have bombarded us to let us know how inspiring your talk was. Thank you so much."

Leigh Academy Leadership Team

The Topics

We’ve developed 3 core inspiring talks that are contemporary in concept, challenging by definition and creatively designed.


They will always be refined to meet your exact needs. They can also be expanded into interactive workshops or corporate training.

01. How To Be The Heroine In Your Own Story


As women in the 21st century, we have more choices and freedom than ever. Options around parenthood, career, managing our money, our bodies and our relationships. 

And yet, with this freedom comes pressure. 

Pressure to be responsible, to make the 'right' choices and to make the most of our freedoms. This can be empowering. It can also be paralysing. In order to effectively navigate our way in the world, we need to understand the map and the landscape, get to know ourselves and move forward into positive action.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How the structure of the heroine's quest can help you chart your life experience and story so far
  • What it means for you to be a woman – what it is that you stand for
  • How to use your own uniqueness to define a career path of value and purpose, for both you and for the world

“Erica was the inaugural speaker at our internal Learning and Development program, Swan School. She presented 'How to be the Hero of Your Own Story' to our team in an entertaining, useful and engaging way. Many of the themes presented were relevant to our working lives as well as outside the office, and I walked in the next morning to hear people still talking about the session. A great way to start our L&D program and will be recommending Erica to others!”

Lara Toovey-Roussel - Communications Manager at Black Swan Data

02. How To End The Talent Exodus


You know that the war for talent is fiercer than ever. You care about creating an engaged workplace. You do all you can to create an environment in which talent thrives and yet great people still leave your business. 

They get poached by the competition. They decide they are not progressing fast enough and it seems you have to handle the huge cost of talent attrition month in month out. So how do you stem this outflow of talent and the investment you’ve made in it? 

The answers and practical steps are what you’ll find in a fascinating talk by Erica Sosna, author of ‘Your Life Plan’. In it you’ll understand the root of the problem and how to solve it by tapping into the inner motivations of your key talent. And once you understand what they need from you, you can immediately begin to reverse your talent outflow and foster an environment where retention is the norm.

During this talk you will learn:

  • The surprisingly simple and powerful key message that leading organisations use that keeps their talent loyal and true
  • The way to literally become immune to the approaches of headhunters
  • How to avoid the number one mistake most companies make in talking to their people about the future

"An inspired, practical and engaging speaker"

LearnFest 2017
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03. Why Stories Matter


Stories matter. They help us make sense of our lives. They define the tribes we are a part of, the religions we follow and the people we become. 

We can use stories to share our history, to share client case studies or to inspire others with a vision for the future. In this highly interactive talk, I will reveal the secret of successful storytelling and give you a framework to tell your own personal stories and to share stories of client success. 

Let me show you how to share heroic tales of your best quests and adventures from work and beyond!

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why stories are a fundamental tool for exceptional leadership
  • How to develop stories that sell your services and ideas
  • A simple method to memorise your engagement story with no need for notes

“Erica was fabulous. A warm, enthused, knowledgeable and skilful speaker.”

Head Of Events, Association For Coaching.
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