Our unique career matters method is based on ‘The Heroes Journey’.

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We use a narrative coaching approach to help individuals own and drive their career in your company. We are proud to offer a fresh and practical approach to career matters.

When it comes to employee performance and employee engagement, we get results.

Tony Phillips

“I loved The Heroes Journey Workshop, I found the whole thing extremely thought-provoking and great fun…”

Tony Phillips - Interim Learning and Development Business Partner, Aviva Investors


Whether you need an inspiring talk, a practical corporate training, a hard copy book or a bespoke digital solution, we can deliver.


We partner with our clients to actively increase internal mobility, improve talent retention, enhance employee brand and drive employee engagement and employee performance.

Career matters in 2018.

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We offer the following products and services:


1. Careers Consulting


We support you to redefine your people strategy, clarify your career models and deliver an impactful careers message to your employees.

Dave Sherer

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with career consultant Erica Sosna over the past few years on some key cultural change initiatives that have resulted in a step change in leadership and management within Aspen.”

Dave Sherer - Head of Talent at Aspen Insurance

2. Education, inspiring talks and corporate trainingfor managers and career coaches on how to have quality careers conversations.


Our interactive programmes equip managers and internal career coaches to have timely, high-quality career conversations that drive employee engagement. We provide interactive career navigation keynotes and inspiring talks at major events and conferences.

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Sarah Allen

“We were delighted with the level of employee engagement Erica Sosna and her team delivered for this event. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Allen - Head Of Learning & Development, AXA IM

3. Careers coaching for employees in the form of in-person workshops, online webinars and digital products, where appropriate.


Your staff is global, mobile and remote? No problem. Our digital solution means employees on the move don’t miss out on the careers education and career coaching they want.

Danny Freedman

It is a pleasure to work with Erica. She is always professional and dedicated in all her leadership strategies, she is totally focussed on client results and client experience.”

Danny Freedman - Global Management Development Director - Dassault Systèmes

We understand that career conversations can feel challenging. We also know first hand the difference they can make to your bottom line and your talent retention. 

So let’s work together on this. We spent fifteen years working directly with professionals on their career plans and have trained hundreds of career consultants and committed managers in a simple, practical method to help their talent own their career and make the most of the opportunities you offer.


Let us help you use career conversations to bring out your brilliant.

Case Studies

Case Study Number 1

The Challenge
A well known educational company is going through a restructure. Roles will be lost. New skills will be needed for the next chapter of the organisational story.

The Solution
In partnership with L&D and the People & Culture community, we designed a series of interactive corporate training to help employees make empowered and informed choices and to prepare them to either re-apply for new roles in-house, to secure an exciting opportunity outside the company or even to be their own boss.

The Intent
To save £1m on voluntary redundancy costs per every 200 attendees.

Case Study Number 2

The Challenge
A creative and media agency wants to encourage its millennial population to own their careers and stay longer at the company.

The Solution
Live online careers education, with a 'festival' feel, that gives each junior employee a career model to design their own unique career plan, build their network and take ownership of their success.

The Intent
Reduce churn from 38% to 18% over 2 years.

Case Study Number 3

The Challenge
A non-departmental public body filled with technical experts wants to drive better employee engagement and internal mobility through timely career conversations.

The Solution
A bespoke corporate training helps the senior team to immediately improve their ability and confidence in having these career conversations and embeds a new best practice model.

The Intent
Increase internal mobility by 10% and aid talent retention in the technical expert's community.

“I wanted to get in touch to let you know I got the promotion! I now know how to navigate my career journey here with confidence!”

Zena Ali - Senior Manager, University of London.
Anna Sheryn

“Supremely practical and useful career coaching tools. My handout has disintegrated, it has been used so often since!”

Anna Sheryn - Learning Manager - Skipton Building Society
Ian Moore

"Erica has authenticity in spades. Her generosity of spirit makes people want to follow, support and be the best they can be. She offers this unconditionally for her clients, colleagues and business partners alike, ensuring that time spent with her is probably one of the best investments you will ever make.”

Ian Moore - Leadership Coach
Martin Henley

“Erica Sosna has a brilliant talent for communicating interesting, important and useful concepts in a way that causes you to think and change in a positive way. I would recommend Erica to anyone that is looking for a new perspective - she is exceptional.”

Martin Henley - CEO - The Effective Marketing Company

“Erica Sosna was brilliant – engaging, human, knowledgeable, accessible.”

Carey Evans - Section Manager - Toyota UK

"I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and the way you use examples, quote and stories to make it so relatable to my own life!”

Lola Odunsi - Investment Manager