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We believe that careers education is a right and a necessity. We are on a mission to develop and uncover simple, practical and universal career tips that reconnect people to themselves.

The 21st Century is characterised by a lack of time. You are suffering from information overload. And this can lead to paralysis. To get moving in your career, you need a quick, smart and just in time solution to your career problem.

And here it is. A totally free library, built from 15 years in the career coaching space. The tools are specifically designed for career matters, but they work for anything you really want to accomplish in your life – from keeping your diet, to moving countries or making more money.

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Your Life Plan is crammed with practical career tips to introduce you to your hero inside.

Erica Sosna’s first book, “Your Life Plan”, was published by Wiley in March 2014. The book combines her unique career coaching method with practical project skills and personal development tools that help the readers find direction and take charge of their life. You can buy ‘Your Life Plan’ in Kindle, audio or hard copy formats, on Amazon.

If you want to create a life you will love then look to new book Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna. It is a fun and helpful support as you take even the smallest steps.

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Access the Free Career Tips & Advice designed just for you

2018 Hottest Career Tips – Complete Guide with nifty career tips

Check out our 2018 Hottest Career Tips Guide and experience first hand Erica’s practical style. What’s included:

  1. How to make a career change
  2. How to land a TED Talk
  3. What jobs allow you to work from home?
  4. How to change careers and still make money
  5. How to test out a new career before committing ‘Career Harakiri’
  6. How to become an entrepreneur
  7. How to get through the day when you hate your job
  8. How to enjoy work
  9. Top Best 5 CV Revisions
  10. How to nail your interview practice
  11. How to find jobs not posted online
  12. How to master the art of networking
  13. How to work from anywhere in the world
  14. How to focus on what matters

Access the Free Career Tips & Advice designed just for you

The Secret To Getting Big Things Done – Interactive Guide

More often than not, we have a dream for our future but we don’t begin. Why? Because the goal is too big, too challenging and you don’t know where to start. Give this interactive guide a go! It is designed by our career experts to get you moving in the right direction.

Access the Free Career Tips & Advice designed just for you

Are you looking for the job of your dreams?

We’ve recently discovered Jooble to be very useful for our clients looking for a new role. This is not because Jooble is “the largest job site in the United Kingdom” or “leading world employment resource” or anything like that.

It’s because of Jooble’s powerful technology works just like a search engine. Job hunt on Jooble, and you’ll get relevant job ads from over 14,000 different job sites in the UK.

Thank you Career Matters! I am making a major career change, and the simplicity of your career model got me back to basics and gave me the time and space that was the final piece of a jigsaw.

Margaret Chapman Clarke, Coach, Author and Psychologist