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To get your career moving, you need quick, smart and straightforward tools and career tips to help you on your way.

Our free-to-anyone library is built from 15 years of experience in career coaching. The tools and tips are designed to help you navigate your career, but they work for anything you want to accomplish in your life; from sticking to your diet, to moving countries or making more money.

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Career Tip 1 – Get inspired by Your Life Plan

‘Your Life Plan’ is crammed with practical career tips to introduce you to the hero within. This is Erica Sosna’s first book and it combines her unique career coaching method with practical project skills and personal development tools to help you find direction and take charge of your life. ‘Your Life Plan’ is available on Amazon for Kindle, as an audiobook or as a hard copy.

If you want to create a life you will love then look to new book Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna. It is a fun and helpful support as you take even the smallest steps.

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Career Tip 2 – Download this guide

Download our latest Career Tips Guide and experience Erica’s practical style first-hand. The 45 pages are packed full of realistic and achievable tips you can start today including:

★ how to change careers and still make enough money

★ how to use your expert status to land a TED Talk

★ the five best CV revisions you MUST make (number four is v. important!)

★ how to work from anywhere (yes, anywhere) in the world

★ what your interviewers are really thinking when they interview you

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Career Tip 3 – Learn the secret to getting big things done

Big dreams need solid plans. Don’t be overwhelmed by a dream that feels too big or too challenging. Just build a failsafe and easy-to-follow plan! This interactive guide has been designed by our career experts. It gives you step-by-step instructions to break your goal into smaller, more manageable pieces and get you moving in the right direction.

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Thank you Career Matters! I am making a major career change, and the simplicity of your career model got me back to basics and gave me the time and space that was the final piece of a jigsaw.

Margaret Chapman Clarke, Coach, Author and Psychologist