Career consulting that keeps your talent where you want them; on your payroll

Our insightful and intuitive career consulting methods will change the way your organisation views career progression.

Erica injects excitement, enthusiasm and unique ways of tackling the often tricky task of career development and ensuring success on our staff. She offers a fun and engaging approach to the career development story, testing and developing straightforward but extremely effective tools to help others understand their own personal drivers and what success means to them. I immediately put her career tools into practice with my own team!

Andrew Eden, National Lead – FCERM Climate Resilience & Adaptation at Environment Agency

The future of work is already here

The temptation to look for a new role is never far away, and your highly mobile talent can leave whenever they choose. Protect yourself in the war for talent and keep your best people on side. Talk to them about their career plans, show them you can be part of their future.

Our two signature career consulting programmes “Your Career Plan” and “Career Conversations” help you retain your talent and empower them to own and design their careers in your business. Both programmes can be delivered in a variety of formats – virtual, blended or in-person, and in durations ranging from 1 day to 2 hours. There’s something to suit, whatever your objectives, audience, locations and time.

Your Career Plan

Your career is your responsibility. No one will ever know more or care more about your career than you. Our job is to equip you with the skills and insight to make the most out of your opportunities in this organisation.

Erica Sosna, Founder of Career Matters

Too many people just “fell” into their job. And we’re willing to bet this includes some of your most impressive talent. Plagued with doubt about making the right choices and uncertain of how to move forward they either stagnate or start looking elsewhere.

Your Career Plan focuses on empowering people to act, renew their commitment to their role and their company and advance their career in your business. Most of us need to make a proactive choice about the work that works for us. Yet poor careers advice means we’re uncertain what the criteria for this choice should be.

How does Your Career Plan work?

Your Career Plan is a course that puts your people in the driving seat. We give them a structured method to reflect on what works for them and use The Career Equation® to help them make an informed decision about their next careers move. We then equip them with the tools they need to find that role in your organisation, and talk to managers, colleagues and HR about what they can offer.

Does it work? Absolutely. Employees in organisations that take a real interest in their career and personal aspirations are far more likely to stay in that business. Use our career consulting to build the Your Career Plan method into your organisation and you’ll never look back.

Your Career Plan has been developed to work for individuals at all levels of an organisation.

Career Conversations

It’s counterintuitive at first but bears out time and time again. The more you talk to your people about their careers, the less likely they are to talk to the competition.

Erica Sosna, Founder of Career Matters

Too many managers feel overwhelmed and unprepared at the thought of holding career conversations with their team. But without those regular and structured conversations, how will your employees know you see a future for them in your organisation?

How does Career Conversations Work?

The Career Conversations course makes it easy for managers to overcome their fear of development discussions and create a meaningful and rewarding dialogue. The resulting conversation helps you get more out of each employee, unleashes their focus on performance and productivity and helps you to sense check your succession plans. You can leverage these conversations at every level of your organisation – as this case study on graduate programmes shows. Our clear and practical career equation framework makes it easy to plan for and have good career coaching conversations. Once these are in place, your managers can support their team to develop and achieve their career plans.  

Invest in your managers’ career development skills and see employee engagement, internal mobility and performance start to flourish.

Line Managers seem to be more confident in having career conversations and they have the tools – words and structure – to be able to have quality conversations. We have just had a talent discussion covering the whole of the team with all Line Managers and I must admit I was really pleased with the level of discussion. The majority of Line Managers were really clear as to their team members aspirations, both short term and longer term, and it enabled us to play out a few scenarios and plan a few moves. We were definitely not having this level of quality discussion a year ago.

Dawn Conneely, Director of Cost, UK Cards Finance at Capital One