Career coaching helps professionals discover themselves, devise a career plan and become more focused and productive.

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Your career is a series of choices and yet, most of us found that our career sort of ‘HAPPENED’ to us. Most education doesn’t prepare us to know who we are, what the world of work is like and where we can find our fit. So we settle. But through our unique career coaching method, you can choose a new career path and still make great money, whatever your stage in life. 


Our adventure begins with a Free Career Assessment to explore our compatibility, and once we decide to work together, we enter a simple 3 stage process…

“Thank you for awakening in me a sense of adventure and some real confidence. Could never have done my career change without your support. And you can quote me on that!”

Charlotte Hudson

The Process

 In Part 1: Discover Who You AreReally.


Our unique Design Diagnostic gives you a complete personal profile – a user’s guide to you, so we are able to identify what you love and the environment in which you thrive.

The result? A clear mission statement that helps you achieve your career goals. After that, we will begin to shape our outcome, so we can measure what success will look like. Next, we develop a detailed view of the future and explore what will need to happen for you to reach your vision. 

In Part 2: Rework Your Story


Now it is time to Quest! Together we build a detailed, practical and actionable custom career plan for you to move from A to B.

As your career coach, I support you all the way and together we dive into the fears, stories and confidence destroyers that have been making it hard to achieve the career goals you desire in your working life. Using The Fear Reversal Technique, we get underneath these myths, bust them once and for all and well then…

In Part 3: We Lift Off!


Now that we know who you are, what you want and have created the mindset to make career change happen, we implement The Career Plan! And after all that, it’s time for us to celebrate your success.

Gilly Orr

"I knew I wanted to make a career change and I knew what I was good at. I didn't realise it was possible to find a job I was both good at and that would make me happy. Erica offers a wonderfully holistic approach to career progression and change; she identifies what motivates and delights you and encourages you to be alive. You shouldn't settle. If you want your life to be better but aren't quite sure how to achieve it, I recommend an afternoon of Erica's enthusiasm and wisdom."

Gilly Orr

We invite you to work 121 with Erica or one of the other career experts from the team. 

In 6 sessions or less, we aim to have you switched to a new career or really enjoying your current one. Support includes psychometrics, CV reviews and interview practice, where appropriate.

Become your own hero. Check out this series of 3 amazing career change stories:


In this first episode, Gemma, our mumpreneur, talks about how she made a successful career change and is now designing her journey to start her own business.


Second episode is about Rob - a super creative tech guy that talks honestly about how he made a meteoric career change through Your Breakthrough.


The last episode of the season is about Dan. This truly inspiring story is about a man who transforms his passion for golf into a winning business strategy. Cool, right?  

Your Breakthrough is a 4-part, interactive, video-based programme that enables mid-career professionals to overcome their fear of change, discover their ideal career and make a great living from doing what they love. This programme was designed by Erica Sosna and is now being remodelled for 2018. 

We are preparing a new Your Breakthrough session format! Subscribe here to be the first to know about it!
Clare Bethell

“I can’t thank you enough – Seems like, I have got the job of my dreams and I totally credit it to our last coffee where you got me right back on track. This is it, I am going to be a horse racing insurer… Really, I can’t tell you how perfect it is. In conclusion, I am just the happiest person and need to pinch myself to believe it’s true. So thank you for all your help, support and encouragement. I genuinely could not have done it without you.”

Clare Bethell

“You have literally turned my life around! I now have a clear plan for my business and am absolutely sure I will get there. I loved the work on my mission statement too helping me remember that my family is the inspiration for me in this.”

Karen Burr

"When I met you I was a frustrated mum who knew her potential just wasn't being realised. You made me see that I should not give up on chasing my dream role. Also, you ask useful questions without being intrusive and I would highly recommend you to others. Since we spoke, I have been offered the role I wanted in my organisation and with your encouragement am negotiating an increase in salary to do it!"

Kavita Parkyn 
Margaret Chapman Clarke

"Thank you Erica! I am making a major career change, and the simplicity of your four stage model got me back to basics and gave me the time and space that was the final piece of a jigsaw."

Margaret Chapman Clarke - Coach, Author and Psychologist.
Rebecca Wood

"Erica listened to my situation in detail then, with a couple of simple tweaks to my approach, she completely shifted the way I had been tackling my career issue. She suggested clear, straightforward action points that built on the skills and resources that I am already using. I came away from the session re-energised and with the sense that I can use the tools I already have to get the job done in a better way now, thanks to her perspective and support."

Rebecca Wood - Founder - Editing UK.
Lucy Davies

“Erica has not only got me “unstuck” on more than one occasion but has provided advice and suggestions that have helped move my business idea and my relationships forward. She is web and social media savvy and has provided me with insights that I might have got from a professional consultant – all as part of the service. Best of all she is super company!”

Lucy Davies - Entrepreneur and Business Owner.