The world of work is changing and with it expectations about what the right career direction should be.

We exist to reunite people with their gifts. We believe that when people are clear about their career direction, they perform better and have greater organisational loyalty. We help companies have effective career conversations. We help your people see their future in your firm. Career conversations drive employee engagement and improve your key talent retention.

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Each of your employees is unique. The Career Equation® enables them to define and manage their own career path based on their own definition of success:

Millennials want to keep moving and stay current

Mature talent want to explore their legacy and future

High Potentials want to be clear about their next strategic moves

Parents want flexibility while continuing to add real value to your firm

The digital age has changed the way we see our career paths and provided a dazzling array of choices and options for how one might make a living. Our programmes help your talent devise an effective career plan for their future in your firm.

Customer Promise

We are trusted experts. We have 20 years expertise in the career coaching field and our career equation model is founded on genuine research. Erica’s published work has been informed by hundreds of successful career transitions. We are always learning, growing and improving and we have a practical method you can trust.

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We do what it says on the tin. We are practical and solution focused. We promise to give you tools that will transform your career conversations and that you can use over and over again.

We really care. We want you and your people to have the clarity to become unstoppable. We will always take extreme care of your information, your people and your hopes and dreams.

We get results. Your investment translates into bottom line impact. We measure ROI in the form of increased mobility, lowered sickness absence, improved retention and enhanced productivity.

We give fish. Powerful, timely and meaningful careers conversations change lives. We empower your people to own their career, have quality conversations and devise career plans that will drive productivity and progression in your organization.