CRON Test Job Timestamp: 1513120915
This value changes every 5 seconds. Reload this page to test.

How do I know my CRON works?

The plugin adds a test CRON Job.

→ Refresh this page after 5 seconds.
If the timestamp value changes, CRON is running ok.

→ Visit the output page by clicking on the link below.
View Test CRON Job Output.
If the output is visible and stays, CRON is running ok.
If the link does not work, visit http://YOURSITEURL/wp-cron.php.

• If the number value stays the same or the output is blank, CRON is in trouble.
CRON Paramenter Status:
DISABLE_WP_CRON is not set in your wp-config.php.
ALTERNATE_WP_CRON is set in your wp-config.php and overwriting default CRON.

For further information: View WordPress codex information on CRON parameters
CRON Test Job END.

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Your Breakthrough


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Successful career change demands a Breakthrough.


I get it. Career change can be scary!

But, Your Breakthrough makes it simple for you to change direction and find a career you love, without taking a pay cut. My programme is affordable, accessible and flexible so everyone can find jobs that make them breakdance in their kitchen. 

This is the story of Gemma, the mumpreneur, who made a successful career change through Your Breakthrough. And this is only the first episode of my new series of short documentaries that follow up the lives of my success stories, so stay close!

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How We Work Together


Your Breakthrough uses a mix of online and offline tools to give you all the support you need in your career change quest. It is perfect for the busy types, juggling a full-on role, social life or family.


This is what you are buying: 


1 x 121 Career Strategy Session 


After a quick online diagnosis, we meet face to face, let it all out and put together a plan for your whole year in my programme. 


4 Part Online Programme


These are step by step instructions for a successful career transformation from the comfort of your own sofa! You can work through the programme at your pace and get custom advice from me when you need it. You have lifetime access to the materials. So, you will be able to refer back or retake the modules anytime you like; plus we are always improving the programme, so you will benefit from all the updates along the way, at no extra cost!


1-year of Live Group Coaching


Fortnightly, insightful phone chats with myself and the team so you get personalised attention at a super affordable price! You will also join my private online community, where you can ask questions, get advice, give encouragement and receive inspiration 24/7 from me and your colleagues. 


Bonus Material & Insights


As a total swot, I am always checking out the best career-focused resources so there will always be a lot of sharing between us, so do expect new videos, podcasts and live chats. Also, you will probably get a signed copy of my book Your Life Plan. Cos, though I might sound vain, it’s really rather good and I know for a fact that will help you a lot. 


Money Back Policy: If within 30 days of signing up, you don’t feel Your Breakthrough is on its way, you can ask for your money back. Never happened, but always good to know, right? 🙂


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