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How do I know my CRON works?

The plugin adds a test CRON Job.

→ Refresh this page after 5 seconds.
If the timestamp value changes, CRON is running ok.

→ Visit the output page by clicking on the link below.
View Test CRON Job Output.
If the output is visible and stays, CRON is running ok.
If the link does not work, visit http://YOURSITEURL/wp-cron.php.

• If the number value stays the same or the output is blank, CRON is in trouble.
CRON Paramenter Status:
DISABLE_WP_CRON is not set in your wp-config.php.
ALTERNATE_WP_CRON is set in your wp-config.php and overwriting default CRON.

For further information: View WordPress codex information on CRON parameters
CRON Test Job END.

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Walk The Line


out of 5

Walk The Line is my executive one-to-one career coaching programme.


This is a six session programme, where we work closely together to get you into a new career. I offer bespoke, tailored career advice. It isn’t for everyone.

We spend a heck of a lot of time at work. And some of us reach high levels of success, security and financial stability. When you are thinking about doing a career change and you are at the top, you really need a creative career coach on your side. 


For now, join me on my LinkedIn profile. 


Client Profile


My 121 clients are professional people in their 30’s and 40’s who are genuinely committed to making a career change. They are ready to invest in their career development so that they can discover what they want and what it will take to get them there. 

If you are toying with a career change, but are thinking more about mid to long-term, you may find Your Breakthrough more suitable. If you know what you want but just need a boost, then the Deep Dive is a more economical way to approach this.

I  only take on 6 x 121 clients at any one time. This is to make sure each client gets the attention they deserve. 

All clients will have a matching consultation with me before I take you on. I will not work with you if I do not think I can help.


How We Work Together


6 x 121 Career Strategy Sessions


Sessions 1 – 3

Your first session will usually be a chance to let off steam. The story so far, the ups and the downs, the frustrations and the learning. In Sessions 2 and 3 we work to make sure we really know who you are. We do this through a variety of creative exercises that facilitate your self-discovery. At the end of this process, we have what I call a Design Statement. 


Sessions 4 – 5

This is the action point at which we lift off. Furthermore, we will work together to design your Action Plan and then do whatever is needed to get you to your career goals. This could be prepping for interviews, refreshing a CV, tapping your network, thinking about your brand and securing your first ever freelance clients – the map to get there will be as unique as you are.


Session 6

By this point, we should be in a position to make a choice from a range of roles. Some clients do choose to continue with a structured set of career advice sessions for their transition into their new role. However, by this time be ready to celebrate and toast your career change success.


Career Design Diagnostics


CV Review


‘Your Life Plan’ book


There are now only 2 spaces available for this term! Please be aware that in periods like September/ November or Jan/March, due to the limited spaces, there can be a waiting list. 


This is top of the class career advice. Sign on!