CRON Test Job Timestamp: 1513120855
This value changes every 5 seconds. Reload this page to test.

How do I know my CRON works?

The plugin adds a test CRON Job.

→ Refresh this page after 5 seconds.
If the timestamp value changes, CRON is running ok.

→ Visit the output page by clicking on the link below.
View Test CRON Job Output.
If the output is visible and stays, CRON is running ok.
If the link does not work, visit http://YOURSITEURL/wp-cron.php.

• If the number value stays the same or the output is blank, CRON is in trouble.
CRON Paramenter Status:
DISABLE_WP_CRON is not set in your wp-config.php.
ALTERNATE_WP_CRON is set in your wp-config.php and overwriting default CRON.

For further information: View WordPress codex information on CRON parameters
CRON Test Job END.

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