Let’s Talk About Careers

We help you keep your best talent engaged, happy and loyal through quality career conversations, wherever they are in the world.



Career conversations drive employee engagement and improve retention of your key talent.

The world of work is changing and so is our definition of a successful career. How do companies keep up?



83% of companies plan to review their career model in 2018*

*Source: Deloitte, Human Capital trends report

If you think about it, each population in your organisation wants to have a different career conversation.

  • Millenials want to keep moving and stay current
  • Mature talent want to explore their legacy and future
  • High-pro’s want to be clear about their next strategic moves
  • Parents want flexibility while continuing to add real value to your firm.
Your individual employees evolve all the time. Each has their own unique needs, aspirations, drivers and skill sets.

The Right conversation at the right time


We partner with our clients to actively increase internal mobility, improve retention, enhance employee brand and drive employee loyalty.

Our interactive programmes equip managers and internal career coaches to have timely, high quality career conversations that drive engagement.

Your staff is global, mobile and remote? No problem. Our digital, virtual and online solutions mean employees on the move don’t miss out on the careers advice and coaching they want.

Remember… We get that you can feel a bit shy about opening up this conversation. That’s why we have worked so hard to make this easy. I’ve spent fifteen years working directly with professionals on their career plans and have trained hundreds of career coaches and committed managers in a simple, practical method to help their talent own their career and make the most of the opportunities you offer.

The key is, if your talent aren’t talking to you about their careers, they are talking to someone else. Probably a headhunter or a competitor. So let’s get careers on the table.

Let me help you use career conversations to bring out your brilliant. Let’s connect today.

Careers Talks


If you get  the business case, but your stakeholders need convincing, let me do the work for you. I offer keynotes on the future of careers. 

With twenty years as a leadership consultant and as a published author, I am an experienced and energetic Ted Speaker. I have spoken twice at the prestigious TED.com conference and regularly offer interactive talks at major events and conferences.

My talks are customised to your needs and your agenda. I will work closely alongside you to provide you with a highly interactive, impactful keynote that delivers on your goals.

If you ask me nicely, I might even teach you how to talk like a TED too……

Technical Rider

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Speaker Info Pack

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