Career Coaching is a process that helps mid-career professionals to find a new career or enjoy their present work.

Take a closer look at my career coaching programmes.

I offer three types of career coaching programmes that are designed for specific situations and that adapt to your unique style.

Perhaps you have reached a stage in your career when you want a chance to explore your transferable skills?
Maybe you have achieved the career goals you originally set and now you want a new level of challenge?

Or are you looking for a career that fuels your passion and aligns with your new life?


Then some high-quality career coaching might be a timely investment.

Your Breakthrough

Your Breakthrough is a 4-part, interactive, video-based programme that enables mid-career professionals to overcome their fear of change, discover their ideal career and make a great living from doing what they love.

The Deep Dive

This is the career guidance every professional really needs at least once in a lifetime. The Deep Dive is perfect for when you have a choice to make about your career and need some impartial guidance at the crossroads. Using a perfect mix of Design Diagnostics, and an afternoon of 121 career coaching, this will give you the structure and clarity you need to achieve your career goals.

Walk The Line

A new career starts here. Only serious career changers need apply.  With 6 x 121 strategy sessions, this is my most bespoke offer. I will walk along side you as we discover what success means to you. I will offer you professional and detailed career advice and support. From discovering your transferable skills and building a life plan to preparing your CV and interview questions, this valuable programme is exactly what you need if you want to master your career development now and forever.

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Still not convinced? Let’s talk about career change

Your career is a series of choices and yet, most of us found that our career sort of ‘HAPPENED’ to us. Most education doesn’t prepare us to know who we are, what the world of work is like and where we can find our fit. So we settle. But through my unique career coaching method, you can choose a new path and still make great money, whatever your stage in life.

Career change is a process that requires hard work, but at the same time, is deeply rewarding. You will spend more time at work during your lifetime than you will with your loved ones! You deserve to make this time count.

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Let’s remember how to enjoy work (again).

I have coached smart, able and values-driven mid-career professionals to make the most of their career and get paid to do what they love for over 13 years now, so you are in good hands. 

Our adventure begins with a phone consultation to explore our compatibility, and once we decide to work together, we enter a simple 3 stage process…

In Part 1: Discover Who You Are…Really.

My unique Design Diagnostic gives you a complete personal profile – a user’s guide to you, so we are able to identify what you love and the environment in which you thrive.

The result? A clear mission statement that helps you achieve your career goals

After that, we will begin to shape our outcome, so we can measure what success will look like. Next, we develop a detailed view of the future and explore what will need to happen for you to reach your vision. 

In Part 2: Rework Your Story

Now it is time to Quest! Together we build a detailed, practical and actionable custom plan for you to move from A to B.

As your career coach, I support you all the way and together we dive into the fears, stories and confidence destroyers that have been making it hard to achieve the career goals you desire in your working life.

Using The Fear Reversal Technique, we get underneath these myths, bust them once and for all and well then…

In Part 3: We Lift Off!

Now that we know who you are, what you want and have created the mindset to make career change happen, we implement the Action Plan!

This might include (depending on you):

This part of the programme is as unique as you are and we keep taking action until we learn how to enjoy work again! In most cases, this happens in 6 sessions or less.  

And after all that, it’s time for us to celebrate your success. 

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