This is my story as a career coach, passionate TED Speaker and author of Your Life Plan.

My goal as a career coach? To make myself redundant as soon as possible. 

Thinking of changing careers or need sensible careers advice, draw up a chair! I believe in you.

This career coach helps creative and talented professional people like you overcome their fear of change and find ‘the hero inside’. 

‘Hero’? What does that mean?

Simples – right now you feel frustrated. You know you want more from your career. You live for the moments when you truly come alive, when your work makes you feel valued, recognised, free and on top of the world. But these moments seem few and far between in your current role.

Imagine if you felt like that every working day. You can have a career that makes you feel like a superhero, complete with spandex and cape. And if that’s what you dream of, I can help. I promise. 

If you’re mid-career and feel it’s time to review your career goals, you need to know how to change careers and still make money. You might have a family to support or a lifestyle to maintain. This why I’ve created Your Breakthrough. 

Want more uber-practical career advice from me? Join me here!

In the beginning…. there was career advice. And it was not good. 

What was your career advice like at your school?

I am willing to bet it was pretty dire.

Mine was.

For years I stumbled around, trying to find where a me-shaped thing might find a home in the world of work. 

And then, the big aha!

I remember the exact moment. I stood on the scuffed up pavement outside the Home Office. It was my first day. And I already knew I didn’t want the job. Instead, I looked across from the gloomy concrete bunker to the building across the road.

The Channel 4 building. With funky, happy people in trainers, going up and down in glass lifts doing creative, cool stuff. I looked down at my suit and back at the building. And I shuddered.

In that moment, I knew…. I was on the wrong side of the road! And I desperately needed a career change!

It took me five years to get paid to walk confidently into Channel 4’s reception as a presenter and speaker.  

I wanted to save you the trouble.

 I made it my mission to create a career coaching method that would do just that. 

Then I wrote a book about it. 

My book ‘Your Life Plan’ is crammed with practical career tips to introduce you to your hero inside.

Someone is watching…

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been watching you.  I’ve studied how you tick, what motivates you and how you get stuff done. I discovered how to help talented people like you get a Life Plan in place and find a career they love. This book contains all the secrets I uncovered.  

So come one you… stop imagining and start life planning!

You can buy Your Life Planin Kindle, audio or hard copy formats, on Amazon.

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If you want to create a life you will love then look to new book Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna. It is a fun and helpful support as you take even the smallest steps

Daily Express

I really enjoyed this book. I found it well written, engaging and it made me see clearly why some of my quests in life succeed and others don’t. Compared to other books I have read about taking control of your life, this one really made me feel that I could apply the ideas to the challenges I face. Now I keep it close by to refer to when I need a bit of a boost.

Alex Landridge

I truly would recommend this book to anyone who has let their dreams be pushed to the side and needs to be reminded of them… actually I would just recommend it full stop. It’s fab, it’s well written and it’ll change your life by spurring you into action. I had a lot of ‘aha’ moments and it helped me clarify what I wanted to do with my life.

Millie Scarlett

Amazon Review

I wish this book had available when I was younger to save me from some of the dead ends that I found myself in! Still it’s never too late, I have it now. It is one of the best self help books I have read. It is particularly useful if you are looking to start a new challenge, or need a new direction but can’t quite work out what that might be.


Amazon Review

Don’t waste your life. Changing careers starts here. 

Let’s embark on a journey that will lead to your dream life. We start with your history. Your personal story. 

You will discover who you are and get to know your unique character, preferences and skills inside out. From here we can pinpoint exactly what kind of work would suit you best and make a practical plan for your career change. My method never fails because it’s designed around you. Over the years I have helped hundreds of people in India, Singapore, New Zealand, the USA, Israel, Saudi and across Europe find a career they love. I’ve advised Governments and corporates on their career strategies and trained grads from the best Universities in the world to make the most of their career.

You’re in good hands. 

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